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Excelling in Global Fulfillment

Through our strategic alliance partnership, we extend access to a global distribution network spanning 17 locations across 5 continents. This award-winning global supply chain leader boasts over 18 years of experience, dedicated to managing and executing our clients' supply chain distribution needs, including Fortune 100 companies.

Key highlights of our strategic alliance partner's capabilities include:

  • ISO 9000 Certification: Maintaining ISO 9000 certification since 1998, demonstrating a long-standing commitment to quality and excellence.

  • Best-in-Class Accuracy and On-Time Performance: A track record of delivering exceptional accuracy and on-time performance, ensuring your goods reach their destinations reliably.

  • Individual Pick and Pack: Capability to handle up to 10,000 individual pick and pack orders per day, catering to diverse client needs.

  • Same Pick: Efficiency in processing up to 100,000 orders per day with the same pick, streamlining large-scale operations.

  • Custom Configuration: Offering custom configuration options for optimum flexibility to accommodate unique requirements.

  • E-commerce Pioneer: A pioneer in e-commerce with proprietary and robust back-end systems designed to enhance online shopping experiences.

  • Flexible Front-End: The front-end system is adaptable and seamlessly integrates with numerous shopping cart systems, providing a versatile solution.

  • Strong Reporting: Comprehensive reporting capabilities, both internally and externally, to provide valuable insights into supply chain operations.

Our strategic alliance partnership is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier distribution solutions that meet and exceed the demands of today's dynamic global marketplace

Customized Distribution


Robust Inventory Management and Global Visibility

Service and Reliability: At Salsa, we go above and beyond to ensure that every order reaches its final destination with unwavering commitment. We take immense pride in our ability to find innovative solutions and make the impossible happen, all fostered within a positive team atmosphere. Leveraging our expertise and strategic allocation of resources, we guarantee that your orders are delivered with the utmost care and precision.

Fully Integrated Systems: Through our fully integrated systems, we provide our suppliers with real-time updates on the status of shipments and movements, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain.

Our inbound supply chain services are seamlessly integrated with order processing, enabling customers to prioritize orders effectively. Our robust portal offers comprehensive monitoring and management of supply chain activities, providing global transparency and real-time insights into inventory and reporting. With up-to-the-minute tracking and actionable alerts, you'll always stay informed.

We offer exception-based reporting and customizable reporting to cater to your unique needs. Our customizable rule sets for order routing ensure efficient order fulfillment while easily integrating with your systems or vendor systems for a smooth flow of information.

Quality Control and Supplier Compliance Management: Quality control and supplier compliance management are at the core of our operations. We maintain accurate inventory figures that you can rely on, allowing for precise planning and execution. Additionally, our ability for postponement enables last-minute configuration changes without the need for excessive on-hand inventory.

At Salsa, we are dedicated to providing you with unparalleled service, reliability, and a suite of integrated solutions to meet your supply chain needs with precision and excellence.

Facilities Supply Management Company- We sell all of the supplies required to start, run, and maintain your facilities.  From uniforms to all types of energy efficiency products,  medical and emergency supply products, signage to receptacles......

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