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Customer Service

At Salsa we are all about earning and maintaining the trust of each client.  We accomplish this by flawless execution and by treating each client's business as if it were our own.    
Each account at Salsa is allocated an experienced Account Manager, as well as an appropriate internal support structure. Many of our account team work across country and continental boundaries in managing global contracts, supplied by Salsa. The Account Manager is central to the successful management of the client's account and they are the lead person coordinating design to delivery, focused on achieving the clients end goal.  Account Managers can be reached by phone, e-mail and app communication.  Each account is managed by a senior firm partner who is up to date on all client programs and can also be reached via phone, email and app communication to ensure that our client's can receive a response.

Salsa Industrial 


is Dedicated to:

Building loyalty and enhancing the brand experience for our clients by providing:
  • 100% performance and accountability

  • Innovative supply chain technology leadership

  • Dedicated account management

  • Seamless ordering and fulfillment

  • Highest standards of quality and performance measurement


Knowledge, Experience and Reliability


Team Meeting
Client reports are maintained to accurately inform clients as to the status of all phases of their orders.  Once the orders rotate to supply chain and distribution, reporting is integrated between the client, distribution, inventory and forecast analysis.  

Facilities Supply Management Company- We sell all of the supplies required to start, run, and maintain your facilities.  From uniforms to all types of energy efficiency products,  medical and emergency supply products, signage to receptacles......

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