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Salsa Industrial Supply supplies corporate and government clients all types of facilities, constructions, electrical and business supplies.  Supplies include all types of energy efficiency supplies, lamps, LED, fixtures, lighting component parts, controls, shades, T-Stats, steam traps, etc.. We source all types of products and offer  Superior Customer Service, Custom Tailored Program Development, High Quality Workmanship, Global Compliant Sourcing, Competitive Pricing, On Time Delivery, and Global Distribution.

Premier End to End Supply Solution

Since 2000, Salsa Industrial Supply has been working with private and public sector organizations selling all types of supplies.  We have been doing energy efficient building conversions, color kinetics color enhancements, retrofits and new builds. We have contracts for bottled water, chemicals, school furniture, etc...  We offer clients Real Time Solutions to their Global and National supply needs. 

Salsa Professional Apparel & Supplies separated the products to showcase Salsa Professional Apparel and Salsa Industrial Supply.  Salsa services these new categories with a professional team of experts specializing within each of these industries.  We offer specific specialties in LED lighting, saving efficiency and evaluations, office furniture & installation, promotional products, lumber, epoxy, waste removal, construction & industrial supplies.     Please call for a consultation or inquiry today. 

NAISC Codes:  238140, 238320, 315190, 315191, 315991, 315999, 315210, 315211, 315212, 315220, 315222, 315234, 315240, 323, 323113, 423210, 423610, 423850, 4241, 424110, 424120, 424690, 424950, 424990, 4532, 453220, 532412, 562111, 562991, 03743, 03778, 42500, 61500, 64000, 64500, 96600, 96686, ESD-D-0750, 214, ESD-F-1074, 1075, ESD-G-0123, 0625, 0739, 0923, 0985

Facilities Supply Management Company- We sell all of the supplies required to start, run, and maintain your facilities.  From uniforms to all types of energy efficiency products,  medical and emergency supply products, signage to receptacles......

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